The Classics (Ep 3)



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A place where I can relax and face the reality of CGI! “Open Sauce” is where I post content about my endeavours through the Blender world.

If you are interested in appreciating”fake” then be sure to follow as I try my best at convincing you that I am indeed doing photography instead!

The Darkroom Floor (Ep 4)


My landscape of Switzerland. Another example of an over drastic vignette solution, and the dramatic processing that makes a Kevin.C4 photo. If I wanted to describe this photo, I would say (more…)

The Classics (Ep 2)

The Classics (Ep 1)

The Darkroom Floor (Ep 3)

The third part to “The Darkroom Floor”. This time it’s the “Rhine River Landscape”.


The day of the Rhine Cruise was a bit dissatisfactory to be honest. Instead of a nice blue sky, we got a (more…)

The Darkroom Floor (Ep 2)