Creatives Uncovered

Finally the video is out!

Let me know if you like it or not! My recount of the event coming tomorrow!



7 thoughts on “Creatives Uncovered

  1. This is an impressive first video, as you seem to have included many subtle skills that the pros use. The editing of the various clips and music into an almost seamless blend is good, nice music choices too. The focus to out of focus on the guitar in the first few seconds was a good start. Also the way you shot the catwalk sequence with mostly left and right tilt really worked well. I watch a lot of films and video of all kinds, noting how shots are filmed and this was of a high standard.

    The only suggestions I can make for improvement were that a few frames, like the people entering the building, appeared a little unintentionally shaky. Perhaps a small investment in a camera counterweight would help with stability? Also be a little careful with pan speed (1.23-1.35) as it is very easy to induce a spinning sensation in the viewer! 😮

    A few years ago I worked for a large Christian organisation, managing their mail order and conference sales. As part of that job I worked very closely with the sound and video crews on the large conferences, over several years. During that time I learned a great deal from the video guys. If you learn good technique, which you seem to have begun well, you can add creativity as you develop your skill. I wish you well with your new venture. 🙂

    • Thank you so much for the feedback and support. Obviously there were things that I could have done better. There is a good amount of footage that didn’t make it, and I think I have realized many mistakes when it came down to editing. I will go into more detail in my next blog post.

      Considering lighsshades and I entered that party with nothing but two cameras, I have to say that we did pretty well for first timers. Though I do wish that I had been more composed with the filming; as you had mentioned, some (most) of the shots were unnecessarily shaky. In the shot with the people entering the building, I had the camera attached to a “floating tripod” which is my only form of counter-weighting, I guess I still need to get used to shooting people, since I am pretty calm and composed filming an inanimate object.

      The situation was cramped so tilting was the only option to get the whole model while not catching any of the railings, or a wall. To make it worse, I had picked a tricky spot to shoot, I wouldn’t say it was a bad spot, just very very (very) difficult with the lighting and the way they were turning (I guess the models are trained to turn toward the audience, not me).

      Again, thank you for the feedback and support. I hope you can decipher my jumbled writing.
      Kevin Chen

      • Glad you found the feedback helpful. I noted from your photography posts that you are carefully self-critical, so I am sure you will learn much from reflecting on the first filming/editing experience. Experience is really the only way to develop confidence with a camera, especially a video camera, whilst mingling amongst people and filming them. Many years ago I used to photograph political demos, sometimes in a hostile atmosphere, and you can acclimatise to almost anything, learning to concentrate on the shots you take, whilst being aware of what is happening around you. Find opportunities to practice and gain experience. From what you have said about that first experience you did very well in the circumstances and you now know much more than when you started. Looking forward to the next blog post.

      • Sorry for the wait, I have some school homework piling up at the moment. So that is priority, unfortunately. I don’t know if you are really that keen on seeing the post, but if you are, then sorry…

        The life of a teenager is not so simple see.

  2. No problem. Kind of you to keep me informed. Its your life and your blog, you choose the priorities! 🙂 I have been working on a autobiographical nostalgia piece for my main blog, but I have now decided it needs a rewrite to condense it to half the length. So another week maybe before it’s ready, glad I didn’t announce when I planned to post it.

  3. Well done! I am very impressed with this first video, made in really quite tricky circumstances, and I think it augurs well for your future in this business. I see you have the benefit of some really helpful and expert comments too. :). I would just add one small suggestion, although it does involve more equipment. Perhaps it would be nice to have some ambient noise occasionally, I am thinking in some of the crowd scenes, just to get a sense of the buzz and atmosphere. You could fade the music briefly to allow for this. However, it will almost inevitably involve buying a couple of mikes as the integral ones on the cameras are not up to the job! I have a friend locally who is a very experienced professional videographer and I know she does this.

    • Thank you, yes the next thing that I am planning to buy is a microphone.

      Specifically the Rode Videomic as I have heard good things about that!

      Thanks for the kind words!

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