The Classics (Ep 4)

Now this is one image that I’m proud of! When I took this photo, this shot was considered extraordinary, and not because it was particularly fancy or anything. Only because this was one of my first photos (excluding sunsets) that didn’t have a happy or bright mood to it. As a photographer, it was one of the moments when I realized that landscapes don’t have to be green and shiny, but they can be stormy and dark too.

When I imagine the word “landscape” my shot would be field of bright corn with a golden sun rising over the rolling fields in the distance. But often I find a sleepy depiction a rock pool, with its milky liquid, or a striking portrait of a storm that could wake you up in an instant. When I see this, I think to myself “Why don’t I do this?” and the answer is always “Because I didn’t think of it”.

I have to admit, this image is mediocre, but it is one of my earliest attempts at developing a dramatic, heavy mood. I guess this eventually evolved to be part of my ‘style’.

Open Sauce is getting a new category!

Videography! The first project is coming soon!

Kevin Chen


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