The Classics (Ep 3)

My photostream is the perfect testament to the power of the piano. I have huge respect for the black thing in the living room, even though I quit learning piano four or five years earlier. I have witnessed the ultimate power Pianos put into otherwise powerless people, and I gather from the results from my photostream that it is one of the most photogenic tuned instruments available to the eyes of the general public.

Excuse the muddle and slightly confusing writing today. Since it is Australia Day, I am busy (socialising) with family friends.

Open Sauce” is the blog of this blog of the day!

Kevin Chen


2 thoughts on “The Classics (Ep 3)

  1. Can’t play piano, but love to listen to them and admire those who can play well. Rated this 5, for the interesting composition despite the limitation of a straight keyboard. There is a good angle and the depth of field is used to lead the eye to the centre of the photo. Hope you had a great day ‘socialising’.

    • Well thanks, I thought the diagonal composition was an obvious one. To this day I still do not understand why this is the most ‘interesting’ photo of my photostream.

      Being a somewhat introverted person, socialising with little kids is more of a chore than anything.

      Have a good day/night/morning!


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