The Darkroom Floor (Ep 4)


My landscape of Switzerland. Another example of an over drastic vignette solution, and the dramatic processing that makes a Kevin.C4 photo. If I wanted to describe this photo, I would say that it is a bit messy and the composition could have been better.

This is one of the most memorable days from the Europe trip. We were let off the tour bus for a short gander around the streets of this lake-dwelling Swiss city. We saw many expensive shops, and many expensive cars. We had some Gelato, and took some photo. The only reason it was memorable was because I got to use the Ipod Touch on the way to Lucerne. There is something special about listening to Train, The Youth Group and Yiruma, travelling through the Switzerland’s expansive (and expensive) landscape.

As the photo-editor, sitting in front of the computer in a relatively unexciting suburban house, I thought that I had enjoyed those Europe days a bit too much. And I find myself continually disappointed at how flat the photos fell once I had returned to familiar soil. But getting a good snap isn’t the point of a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. So I am content in saying that I had enjoyed the trip not encluding the last few days in Paris where there was honestly nothing to do.

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Kevin Chen


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