The Darkroom Floor (Ep 3)

The third part to “The Darkroom Floor”. This time it’s the “Rhine River Landscape”.


The day of the Rhine Cruise was a bit dissatisfactory to be honest. Instead of a nice blue sky, we got a nice blanket of grey cloud. It was almost as if the Rhine was in a bad mood. So I decided that the only photo I could get out of this was a moody, dramatic one. This photo was picked from the pack because of the building overhanging the banks. It was potentially eye-catching and I was getting in the persona of a marketer with a pair of designer glasses.

The first thing I did with this photo was darken the sky. I wanted something that wasn’t boring, and that meant a brooding, heavy sky instead of a grey one. Next it was the ultra-wide crop, looking at the scene through polarised glasses meant that you couldn’t see the screen properly, so instead I imagined myself on that boat again, with a wallet the size of a dictionary. If I wanted the house to be the main focus, I was to make the frame fit it well. Next was an adjustment for the water, to bring out the contrast in the reflection. After that I decided that the house had to look sparkly clean and white so I brushed that in too.

Overall I think the photo turned out pretty well. If I was a photo-critic, I would say that this shot is weird. It is framed and treated like a fashion shot, yet the tone of the landscape around the building suggests otherwise. When you focus on the house, the photo is definately a shot meant to sell. Look at it like a landscape however, and it looks like another of those overdramatized Kevin.C4 photos.

When it was time to get cut, it came down to the selling point of this photo. The ultra-wide crop made it difficult to appreciate the photo as a first impression. Thanks to WordPress’s wide-friendly format, I can be confident in saying that you had a good view as a first impression.

Thanks for reading this, if you did.

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Kevin Chen


2 thoughts on “The Darkroom Floor (Ep 3)

  1. Like the way you describe the day and your thoughts about the photo, it adds much to the picture. Yes, the Rhine does look in a bad mood in this! The wide shot looks nice on a widescreen monitor. When I clicked to zoom in though there is a slight blurriness, due to the movement of the boat I assume. It doesn’t detract from the photo at normal size, just doesn’t have that crisp feel of most digital, which might be a good thing in this case, adding to the mood of the photo.

    • Thank you for your kind words on my blog. You are right on all counts, I had some problems with the speed of the boat, but I don’t think it is that noticeable when it is not blown up. To be honest I would rather a crisp, clean feel than smoky or noisy. I guess I couldn’t help it this time.

      I’m glad you read through this post. There is more to come, hopefully I can make it as entertaining as this!


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