The Darkroom Floor (Ep.1)


There are some photos from the Europe trip that have been exported as an upload but then cut from the lineup because of differing reasons. This panorama is one of them.

When I was editing the photos from Europe, I was also working through a few of National Geographic Channel’s programs. I found that their style of cinematography was also quite dramatic. Their use of grad-filters to darken the top half of the shot was almost a tradition. They used it on almost every outdoor sequence, and even when the camera was panned by hand (it rhymes).

I was inspired and most of the Europe Trip photos ended up with some sort of grad-filter adjustment, “Vignette Crazy” and “Castle Under Cloud” being just the ones I can remember off the top of my head. I think if they are applied effectively, then they should add to the image without being obvious.

In this panorama, the sky was darkened and adjusted according to the textbook. But in my NatGeo induced craze I decided that i shouldn’t use a vignette and instead I would use a grad-filter. Instead of darkening the sides like I would of done in a wider panorama, I darkened just the bottom and tilted the filter to the left about ten degrees. This was because there was more snow on the right, I worried that the filter might make the digger-thing more distracting than it was before, but I guess nothing much could be done short of editing it out.

This photo got cut in the end because at a distance it was not exactly decipherable what you where looking at. So this stays in my Europe folder until now, where I am grateful for the widescreen first impression that WordPress offers.

I hope you find it interesting to look into the decisions behind my photos because there is more coming!

Kevin Chen


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