Morning Ruins

The ruins of the great Roman Empire are slowly illuminated as the sun rises over one of the seven hills of Rome. It’s fascinating to imagine what the scene could look like 2000+ years ago, when the Roman Empire ruled almost the entire world. This being the political, social and economical center, it would of been full of Roman patricians and plebians. Soldiers, equites, senators and the rulers themselves. There would have been a buzz of activity as men in togas made their way around the Forums, sending messages, trading and quietly gossiping about the latest political developments.

It must have been a scene to behold, and the ruins today still are. The columns you see are the height of a small apartment building, and the ruins around them made of massive pieces of marble.

This being the ‘Grande Finale’ of the photos from Europe, I have made sure that it is as unnecessarily dramatic as possible. Since this is the last photo that is official (being uploaded to Flickr) for indefinite time. I have to say (maybe) goodbye.

And definately goodbye to Europe…

Kevin Chen


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