Castle Under Cloud


Storm the Fortress

There are times in your life where it rains. Fortunately, when I was out that day, it didn’t. Only when the tour got to Dover did the rain start. This photo required a bit more effort on my part to get this result. Personally I think it’s one of my better attempts at photography, but I have to let the numbers decide. That’s my way of judging my photos.

“Season Finale” is tomorrow!

What do I consider the best photo of the trip is?

I guess you’ll have to wait…



2 thoughts on “Castle Under Cloud

  1. Which castle is this? I should probably know, but I am stumped. If I were you, I wouldn’t let the numbers decide, especially if those numbers are on Flickr. The Flickr game is rarely about quality of image but rather tit for tat commenting and faves. As a camera club judge, my advice to you would be to form your own opinion of your images by looking at as many pictures of other photographers as you can. Try the editor’s picks on 500px as a starting point. Just some advice. Hope you don’t mind.

    • I appreciate the advice, on my sister blog lights+shades, I often complain about the nature of Flickr’s popularity contest. Especially it’s preference for taller photos instead of wide ones. Sometimes I have to conclude that “This photo isn’t popular because I chose the wrong aspect. I guess when it comes to mass media, the first tiny icon impression is what matters.

      Again, thanks for the advice and all the comments. I appreciate your support from the start!


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