Flower Break [Part 2/2]

Is your internet really that disappointing?

Second part of the Flower Break. This photo is actually an old one it was caught some months ago, last year when I was bored and found a nice ray of Aus-grade sunset catching the leaves of this surprisingly hairy tree. The photo turned out to be messy and focusless. Is this really how an eye catching, dairy-dropping photo is? Of course not! So I left it in the depths of my blackhole of a hard drive until I rediscovered in a coincidental wormhole while importing photos from the Europe trip.

Using my new-found philosophy of vignette-and-go I tried to make this as pleasing to the eye as possible. Feedback would be appreciated.

Though I know that comments on what I did wrong are virtually non-existent on this blog.

More Photos for the Monday!

Kevin Chen


2 thoughts on “Flower Break [Part 2/2]

  1. The old comments quandary. People visiting your blog might not know you well enough to know whether you would welcome constructive criticism. Not everyone likes it. As you invite it here, I would mention that on the whole I am not a fan of heavy vignettes but in fact I hadn’t noticed yours until you mention it, which means you have carried it off rather well. I know what you mean about messy and focus-less. But I think it works well enough here because of the shallow DoF, the backlighting and the rather nice contrast of green and purple you have in the plant and the bokeh highlights. The repeated pattern of these across the frame hold the age together as a whole.

    • I wish people would tell me more about what I did wrong in my photo, I understand that it is a touchy thing though, even something as simple as “too dark” could send some people into a ceiling. I would welcome any sort of comment except the unnecessarily dramatic ones if you know what I mean.

      I too, am an anti-fan to drastic vignette solutions and obvious ones. I think the only thing a vignette should do is make the photo ‘tighter’, and not be distracting or restricting. It’s refreshing to see people actually reading my posts for a change. I will try to answer your questions on other posts, I hope you see this soon.

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