Effects Crazy



Originally this photo was just a plain old snap of the inside of a church, something you would expect from the typical tourist. To be honest though, I have a grudge against said tourists. Their photos look messy, almost pointless and they are low impact. Basically they are boring. Now please don’t get offended, I’m sure if you bought a camera that cost more than two fancy iPhones put together, then your photos should look 150% better right?

Okay maybe that was too much. My point is that with all the effort people put into their photos they end up not catching the eye. The recent app Instagram has shot to popularity because of this and I used to think that Instagram was for those shallow people who can’t really take photos.

But I realised the power of filters, and how thay can transform photos from boring and pointless to that eye-candy that I love so much.

So I decided that I should experiment with split-toning, vignettes, and messing with the clarity, saturation and contrast sliders.

Consider my next few photos to be a mockery of filters.

Kevin Chen


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