Computer Science

A computer is simply a bunch of metal, and silicone, built in a way so that electrons can move through this ‘computer’ in a certain way.

If you take a physical switch – say a light switch, and you arrange them in a certain way, you get basic mathematics, where 1000+10 in this array of switches gets 1010 as a result.

Armed with this piece of basic mathematics, along with a few other components, someone built the first computer. But it was huge, and cost well into several lifetimes of cars. Silicone, and IC chip technology eventually brought it back a few hundred kilograms, into the well known DOS-type machines of the 1980s.

Another genius came along and turned basic mathematics intoa raster output, or images. It was the famous Xerox PARC, Alto Personal Computer, this Alto, had a screen where you could see what you were doing! This was one of the biggest turns toward modern day computing.
You can probably see how I am so fascinated with computing (even though, as a teenager I still take it for granted). How a lump of metal and silicone can turn into something that can do almost anything, from write, to draw, and even talk.
Dr Brown once said, “In the future, there will be something called a ‘computer’ and you can make art with it”

Leonardo replied, “Damn”

Geography is not my forte...
In my opinion, computer graphics, and photography are closely related, because they both produce something that someone wants to see. It can be meaningful, or just plain eye-candy, the latter which I am more familiar with.

The only difference is, that in Computer Graphics, you have to construct the scene that you a photographing, and then you have to give everything colour, and then you have to make use of that lump of metal called a CPU, and make use of algorithms to calculate every single pixel that is in the image.

Meanwhile, the camera just records what it’s sensor sees onto a card, with possible amplifications of values (ISO) along the way.


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