Vivid Sydney

So I finally got around to this post. These photos were taken a few weeks ago, when Sydney had their annnual Vivid Sydney Festival. It was a very interesting night, when it started with a struggle to get a parking spot in one randomly placed, underground parking lot. It then followed with a casual stroll along Circular Quay, to a where we thought would be an almost perfect view to the Opera House, which was the Centre of all the fuss in Sydney that night.

Next, was the long wait for the Projectors to turn on at 6pm. Meanwhile, I was fiddling with my beloved 50mm, trying to find out where all that lens flare was coming from. Although I would not dare to think it, but I was worried that this might be the superstar lens after all! But, after a few minutes, I found that it was the filter that caused the highlights from the Opera House to be ‘ghosted

So I had to risk the life of my lens against the evils of wind, city, and seawater. No worries though, it seemed to have survived.

And so the projectors came to life at exactly 6pm, after a few minutes of wacky dots appearing on the sails of the Opera House (presumably for calibration).

And the someone walked in front of the projector!

 Well this is the part where I start to question Australian Humour. But then this happens…

This was probably the best moment in Opera House history, when the Iconic Sails… are actually Sails!
Well, Sydney was probably the best place to be in that night, when the streets were filled with tourists, and the smell of good food hung in the air, while the sound of street performers, pubs and the (ridiculously loud) ferries made the night vibrant, and exciting.

And, unsurprisingly, people still look at me as if I am a 13 year old with a tripod and a camera, because I am a 13 year old with a tripod and a camera. How strange?

Kevin Chen


2 thoughts on “Vivid Sydney

  1. That is a cracking post. Wow. I guessed you were young but didn’t realise how young. I wish my children would get into photography. Perhaps I will introduce them to your blog to inspire them. All super shots. For me, the best is the top one.

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