Blog Exclusive – Macrotastic!

So why have I been away for so long you wonder? Well I have been working on a very extensive collection of macro photos of household objects. The lens is the 50mm with a 30mm extension tube. This means that it is almost impossible to get a clean shot with my pathetically shaky hands. This is because the depth of field is ridiculously shallow. A pipe dream for me, but not when I’m trying to get some good focus without a tripod.

It also means that camera-shake is a very big problem if you want a noise free shot, but I find that a high-performance, handheld torch helps well with the shutter speeds (just remember not to blind yourself).

I haven’t finished just yet, so if you have any suggestions… Challenge Accepted! I will at least try to attempt to get a good photo. If I have it at hand.

(Keep it PG, I can’t even watch MA yet!)

Quick Note: All photos on this post were taken some time ago, but with a similar setup.
Kevin Chen

2 thoughts on “Blog Exclusive – Macrotastic!

  1. Nice shots both. The second one just tips it for me. Love the composition. My daughter, a talented pianist, commented:”cool” when I showed her these. 🙂

    • Thanks Rachael, I really liked the last one too! It is my favourite piano photo that I have taken! Its nice to hear that people actually like my photos!

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