For My Followers

Okay, so I’ve set myself a new challenge:

            Every few days, for the rest of the year, I will be taking photos, and posting them here, and on Flickr!

So you might be thinking I’m crazy, but I love, it. Because I love photography. But don’t expect these photos to be stellar landscapes from distant countries, I don’t have time for that.

These photos are just going to be happy snaps taken on my beloved 600d. No RAW files, just JPEGs, I don’t want to take too much time putting vignettes on my photos.

After that’s all done, you can then critique my photo, don’t be afraid to slam it, if it is truly an ugly photo. I won’t mind as long as I like it! Seriously though, any constructive criticism is more than welcome, It helps improve the skills to do the thing I love most!
Try and guess what this is, maybe you’ll get it, maybe you won’t. We’ll have to find out.

How I got this image,

“I was roaming the vast fields of my backyard, when I came upon this pecurliarly placed object. I decided to take this opportunity to capture an image, on a digital camera I happened to have in hand.” 

The lens is a 50mm (as always), at 1.8 I presume, since it is my favourite aperture (of course), I was down low, lying on the grass, using live view, and zooming in to mannually focus (recomposing after AF is really hard in Live view).

Any questions/comments? Feel free to, as I said before.

Until next time, bye!
Kevin Chen


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