Easy Peasy

The thing every photographer has taken a photo of.  They make some of the easiest ‘good photos’.
Maybe it’s because they grow to look good, or because everyone loves flowers.

They incorporate possibly the most important element to a striking photo; Depth of Field.
We all love a good, out-of-focus background that really makes our subject pop.

Since they are so popular within the photographic community, it has become a race for the most striking, colourful, and creative photo.
We all enjoy the easy, close-up-from-the-top, type photo, but what people stop and stare at, is the photo that takes the audience to whole new perspective. A good photographer is a good artist, and so, the better the photo, the more unique it is.

I would like to show you my many masterpieces from my photostream, but unfortunately I have not been taking many flower shots. So feel free to add to the conversation, share photos, give a bit of advice, and maybe go shoot some shots yourself.


“Cool Story, needs more dragons.”
Although I do think this is one of my finest flower photos, I do think it needs a little spicing up.
A viewer is not going to spend much of his/her time staring at this.

This photo in Flickr…

Now that’s what I’m talking about!
Trying out some colour popping on this bright flower. Colour popping involves making the subject eye-popping colour, while the other parts of photo is less saturated, or in B&W
Feeling a bit short?
Here I seek a new angle, which was quite difficult without the tilt-screen. I managed to get a pretty good shot off with a nice blue background (Don’t ask me how that happened).
That’s all I’ve for today. If you have taken a beautiful flower shot, show it to me!
I would love to see some creative shots! Or if you have any comments on my photos, feel free to. I’m always open to some constructive criticism.Hope to see you next time!
Kevin Chen

5 thoughts on “Easy Peasy

  1. Gotta love a nice photo of a flower! And to think I was going to post another flower photo today; you really can’t get bored with photographing flowers. I really love the last two. I think it’s due to the background. The darker background brings out the vividness of the flower colors. I like the first photo but I find the background to not be blurred enough. It seems to distract me momentarily. Btw I am nearsighted and I have my contacts in. 😀 things that should be blurry aren’t! 🙂 Love the humor in your post!

    • Thank you again for your wonderful support! I really appreciate it!

      I definately agree, flowers are one of the things that are really fun to shoot, and most of the time, it gives you great results. I have seen many non-photographers take a photo of a flower, and it ended up being a masterpiece! with no effort at all!

      Us photographers can’t help feeling left out when all the ‘Facebook’ comments on the ‘wonderful’ photo say something along the lines of,

      “OMG you really should be a photographer LOL”

      What has happened to my generation?

      Anyway, See you later

      Kevin Chen

  2. Now, for me, the best is the third one, although the background is black rather than blue on my iPad? I do enjoy low shooting angles and here it has allowed you to make the most of the way the cupped bloom catches the light. Have you considered cloning out the OOF twig/stem above the flower in the top one? I think it would remove a distraction. I am not always a huge fan of colour popping, although everything has its place! Definitely the third is my fave. I suppose you could also clone out that blob of light beside the stem. Although it’s lovely anyway.

    • Thank you for you wonderful feedback.

      I do thing some bits in these photos are distracting, unfortunately, I don’t really notice it until someone points it out, maybe it’s because I look at it too much, and the reflex reaction of the eye thinks it’s seen it all before.

      Hope to see you again!

      Kevin Chen

  3. Thanks for your kind words on my photo. I noticed this one of yours which is very similar to one I had posted on April 20, 2012. Thanks again for your suggestions and comments. They are welcome and appreciated.

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