The Smell of a Fresh Blog

Hello fellow photographers. I am just starting a casual blog for my photos, just to discuss some ideas, and details about photos, trips etc. Not much to talk about now, but just as a start, I will show you some of my favourite photos I have taken since I started Photography.

I am not a proffessional photographer, nor do I make money out of photography (more like lose money…), and I do not sell my photos. The images uploaded to this blog or any other website are all made by me unless I say otherwise and they are not the original files.

Now that’s said, enjoy!

My latest photo! Taken from Bradley’s Head, Sydney.
Here it is in Flickr…

Also a recent photo, one of my latest Piano photos. The black key you see is the Em key.

Here it is in Flickr…

One of my best photos taken in Queensland, Australia. A HDR of some land from the balcony of my hotel, taken on a plastic chair (my Dad took the tripod out for the day).
Here it is in Flickr…

An old photo from Kogarah Bay, Sydney.

Here it is in Flickr…

And lastly, another piano photo, but a classic! It got the most response than any other photo! (Even though it was on numerous award groups…)

And here it is in Flickr…

That’s it folks! See you next time I upload a photo!

Happily ever after

             Kevin Chen


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