The First Shoot (2/3)

Finally the time came to… write another blog post, after a week’s hiatus of activity due to a reasonably provoking collection of assignments that brought me pain and an increased desire to give up on impressing my parents. Anyhow, we have something to discuss…

Before the Fashion event started, we set up in what we thought were the right positions that weren’t already taken by either photographers or spectators. So my partner lightsshades set up at the end of the catwalk where they would be facing him, and I, being both brash and ignorant, stationed myself at the wrong side of the catwalk. What I didn’t realise at the moment, was that the models were probably trained to turn towards the audience and away from me, and also, the middle of the catwalk had absolutely no lighting.

Throughout that Fashion Show, I learnt to thoroughly dislike that decision, but it did result in some interesting shots.


To be honest, it is this kind of ignorance that makes my photos different, sometimes in a bad way, sometimes in a good way. In this case, I can say it definitely gave the video a new perspective. It allowed me to capture what some others may not, and that is the photographers and spectators along with flashing bulbs and those half-smile, half-dead faces of movie goers. Lightsshades mentioned that it captured the atmosphere of a fashion show well, and I agree.

For the fashion show itself, it was split up by the designer which I guess allowed the models to change. Apart from that piece of obvious logic, the show was very fast paced. Models spent less than twenty seconds on the catwalk, and as soon as one left, another one was on, which gave me no time to adjust any of my extremities to be more comfortable. Overall it was a very educational and eye opening experience. And it certainly put my skills to the test.

On a completely unrelated note.. Apparently my school seems to think that we students do not get enough homework, assignments and assessments to fill our already busy schedule. What that means is that this blog is going to go scarce for the next few weeks while I stress out and miss my sleep. BUT DON’T WORRY!

I have a very exciting project coming soon! How ’bout some cross-medium artwork? I hope to finish soon!


The First Shoot (1/3)

As you probably know, a few days ago, I released the finished video for Creatives Uncovered. It was a journey and a half for the first live shoot. In all, I think I did well for the situation presented, but I still think that I could have done better in some cases.

The first thing that was evident was the amount of people in the premises. It wasn’t evident at the door, but as soon as we entered that narrow hallway used as a photo expedition, it was immediately obvious that no virtually no clean shots would be taken that night. As we continued through to where the catwalk was, the second thing we noticed was that there were a lot of videographers and photographers present.

At around 1:30 in the video and right here…


Also in the many catwalk clips, you can clearly see the amount of fashionable looking people standing next to the catwalk. They can make the shot messy from where I was standing, but at least they can act like a reflector…

The crowded venue presented a conserable problem. It was almost impossible to get a shot of a singer or a piece of art without catching someone else. Other than spoiling the shot, the amount of people made me reluctant to step closer to the subject in case I get in their way. This being the first real live shoot not only in video but also photography, I had no real confidence to film at a closer distance. I did notice my improvement throughout the event though, and one time, I was against a wall, and someone was leaning on the wall and looking at his phone. At that moment, I got a pretty good shot of him and the background. Unfortunately, that never made it into the final result, as did many other clips taken.


After taking a quick scout-out of the whole venue, we were unsure of how to continue. Before the event, ignorant of what situation we would find ourselves in, we had thought of many shots of many things. But as soon as we stepped into that door, most of those thoughts had escaped from our minds, as we found ourselves overwhelmed by the crowd and unfamiliarity of the whole place.

Since we had two cameras (one 600D and one 50D with magic lantern), we decided to split up and film as much footage as possible before the actual fashion show. One thing we knew before the event was that we would probably need to split up, so there was no problem in doing so. I think we made the right decision, there was no real reason to stay together with two cameras, and the more footage the better.

Soon the crowds started to pile up next to that catwalk, and we thought that we should probably set up before it was too crowded to.

I guess that ends the first part of our shoot. The next part will be on the actual fashion event! YAY!

I have a habit of splitting a long recount into parts, I hope it helps with the monotony of so much text, because it certainly allows me to do my homework too. Other than that it is another sign of my ridiculous outlook on content creation.


Creatives Uncovered

Finally the video is out!

Let me know if you like it or not! My recount of the event coming tomorrow!


“High Performance”

I’ve always thought that photography and video were very similar in nature, in terms of eye-catchiness and other imagery. Lately, I have been working on the “First Videography Shoot” video, and I find myself fussing over little things like transitions and slow-mo fancy effects.

I also found that videography is just high performance photography. Like these framegrabs show… (more…)

Facebook Page and First Videography Shoot


Recent developments have persuaded me to extend our reach! Since taking part in shooting footage for Creatives Uncovered, Open Sauce is now not only a CGI blog, but also a videography blog!

A youtube channel is also in the process of being set up.

I guess this is no longer a hobby…

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